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whats wrong with this

20% of people can SEE what's wrong with the photo...but Toph CANNOT...
She's Blind!!!
Toph is fucking BLIND!!!!
@HaileySummers I'm hard of hearing I have bad hearing, and bad eyesight I can feel the vibrations from under tires due to my other senses that work are heightened That's only if I put my hand on the plastic surfaces or the Windows I can feel the crunching of rocks, and sense the movement of the car Toph would have way better hearing due to being blind, and would be able to feel what's under the car and the movement of the car through the the steering wheel and pedals She would be able to hear cars rolling up next to her She wouldn't be able to tell if a human is walking in front of her car or not though And tell if she is in a lane properly That's why she would need a guide in the car next to her I need a guide to walk across the street, and someone to be able to interpret things for me when I can't hear or understand Anyone with a major disability always has a guide, even if they don't constantly need them Also, metal actually makes vibrations harder It echoes then Rubber slightly silences them My dad is an auto-body worker Aluminum would be the sort of metal that does not echo vibrations and make them softer The metal inside of cars echoes any vibration When you flick a metal spring it goes in multiple directions When moving it makes vibrations Depending on the type of metal it's made out of It's either a hard vibration, or more on the soft vibration that you still feel It's like that with cars The vibrations echo up the metal though and if it touches plastic the plastic echoes it even more Rubber will slightly silence it But the material on steering wheels won't have much of an effect since the steering wheel under it Is either made of a hard plastic or metal
she's not wearing seatbelt😏