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❤Read Me❤ While waiting in line to go into the concert, we did a few interviews to capture the excitement and fun of V.I.P. It was our first time doing the interviews so please be understanding for mistakes. But if you have any constructive feedback and tips for improvement, please do share with us. If you enjoy this video, be sure to click "LIKE" and subscribe to our channel for more kpop feeds. For your daily dose of k-pop, follow us on: Instagram ❤ Blog Facebook ❤ Twitter ❤
@SnowDroNE1 Oh awesome! My dream is to go to a 2NE1 concert, I hope I can go someday!
And thank youuuu :D!
@beeonka - it was my first time being to a concert EVER lol ! It was my kpop dream to go to a Big Bang concert so my dream came true ^__^! Keep wishing and yours will be too :D !
Oh wow that's awesome! I've never been to a k-pop concert yet ;___;