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FT Island recently held a successful concert in Taiwan. FT Island held the ‘Play! FT Island’ as a part of their ‘Asia Tour in Taipei’ on May 26 in Taiwan and impressed over 8,000 fans. The group sang over 20 hit songs, including, “I Hope,” “Love Love Love,” “Neverland,” and “I Confess.” They also received an explosive response by singing “Severely” and “Like the Birds” as encores. Taiwanese fans surprised the group by holding up red cardboard hearts up, when the group sang the song “I Confess.” As soon as the group finished giving encores, the fans held flash cards up to congratulate them on their 5th anniversary of the group’s debut. The group says, “Thank you so much for your passion and for the event. That surprised us a lot during the concert. We were so impressed and happy to be loved by many fans.” FT Island will keep touring Asia by holding a concert in Thailand in June. Source: STARNEWS