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If I were a hero I'd be... She-Hulk!

(At least, I'd *want* to be)

Weirdly enough when I was a little kid both of my parents were pretty sure I'd be a lawyer. I've been told I can be very argumentative. And kind of have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who presents their opinions as fact. And a pretty strong bs-meter. Which are all excellent qualities for lawyers!

Plus I look great in green.

Okay but in all seriousness I love her character. Unlike the Hulk, her anger doesn't control her. It motivates her. The thing about anger is that while it can absolutely be destructive and dangerous, when you don't use it as a weapon to hurt people it can actually inspire you to do courageous things.
The early comics suggested that she transformed because she wanted to be 'the ideal woman' but I think that's bull. She wanted to be treated with the respect she's entitled to as a human being, to be seen as the powerful person she is. If that means being green and getting swole, then so be it!
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