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So I'm done with parents, school, and everything. I don't get why people think it's okay to make me mad on purpose. I'm seriously done with this bullshit. I have to deal with too many things right now and I can't deal with this right now and it makes me think horrible things that I shouldn't. I'm losing all my friends because of the rumors I was talking about and all that. People should stop making me mad. It isn't going to help. I feel like running away and not coming back home and stay away from school and move somewhere else where there aren't any people around me to hurt me or say things about me. Sorry guys but I might leave for good and not come back.
I hope you don't take it the wrong way but how old are you? Are you able to support yourself on your own without the help of your parents? Are you sure you have what it takes to leave everything behind and be completely independent? In today's society you can't just runaway and expect to do well without having anything to support you. Do you have a degree that can support you for the rest of your life? If you dont, then I'll suggest you get one. In this life, we are all soldiers going to war. You can't go to war without even a handgun to help you fight your battles. Let me suggest you something. Work your butt off to finish high school well, finish college and get a degree. With the things you needs to live well for the rest of your life, get the hell out of that place and don't ever go back! When people are like that to you, the best way to get back at them is by being better than them. You can yell at them. You can hit them. You can do whatever ever you want but that's not going mean anything to them. What's going to really hurt them is seeing you be something way better than what they are. I hope you choose wisely. Good luck and fighting!
Take some time for yourself but remember that you always have use when you need an escape. I know you're a really strong person so please just remember how important you are and how much fun you've made my time here on Vingle!
@ChloeMesa11 It's just what @kpopandkimchi said I need time to myself, I need to help myself
Don't do that, it isn't worth it. There are plenty more people who care, and wouldn't want to lose you.
@ChloeMesa11 I know you don't want me to leave but I've made my decision and my last post will be on Sunday
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