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This weeks Top 5 is Horror/Thriller Anime. Yes they are separate genres but they are similar enough to group together for one list. So here it is, my Top 5!

5. Elfen Lied

When I watched this, I didn't know anything about it, and boy can I tell you I didn't expect that. This anime gets gory, for some it's too much, but I liked it. On top of the gore, the story is interesting in its own right, so if you think you can handle it, I suggest this one, as well as the next four on this list.

4. Death Note

I'm sure most of you have seen this, so I won't say much. This show is great, but to me it didn't have the same elements of a horror/thriller as these other anime on this list that make me like them. If it were a list based on my overall rating, this would be first.

3. Another

This is one of those anime that once you start, you don't really want to stop, and before you know it you finished it. You'll be left with some images in your head that you'll never be able to get out. And you may never want to use an umbrella again, just so you know. But really, this anime is great and keeps you interested from episode 1 until episode 12

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Again, this is a very popular anime and you more than likely have at least heard about it. The only thing that wasn't fantastic about it was the disconnect you feel from the main character when he undergoes and drastic change in personality, but it doesn't keep it from being awesome.

1. Parasyte -the maxim-

You'll be hooked in 10 seconds. This show has you watching from the moment it begins to the moment it ends. Like in Tokyo Ghoul, the main characters personality drastically changes, but it doesn't make you feel disconnected, it makes it much more interesting. I don't want to say anything that could give something away, so I'm just gonna strongly recommend you watch this soon if you haven't already

Honorable Mentions

Deadman Wonderland Highschool of the Dead
So, let me know what you're top 5 horror/thriller anime are, either comment or make a card! @Zetsumei1 @Kirik @SantaraJones @InVinsybll @arnelli @marionette2613 @willrogers @TylerCinamella @TravisSimpkins @xxreacti0nxx @xxreacti0nxx @DevilsSon @TravisSimpkins @PeteTehCat @halowoods1213 @halowoods1213 @ReaperSteel @SantaraJones @jasminetimple @begone @HeidiMyaMartine @MiyukiKawaii @ChelseaGarcia @CoraBost @xDaisyDaysx @SeoInHan @Iloveanime420 @CosmicCassidy @KageTsuki040910 @gabbycalzada @BluBear07 @aaronred888 @sarahpjane @DereckTorres @DustinEmerzian @DustinEmerzian @JosieRodriguez @KennyMcCormick @stillertokyo @KaelynPrim @ZoilaObregon @kysontaylor @SeoInHan @Yatosgirl @iixel @kurohane @Melodicballoon @lancednobiensky @CadoAngelus @RinLightKirito @LittleHorn @xroyalreisx @natsulover17 @Jasz @SeintoSeiya @LuffyNewman @DomenicNardella @Oxmodius @EmilianoMacias @SamanthaHolmonR @petname83 @mymi @culversyanne @AimmnAZ @Animerocks1253 @koforouzuchi @Anim3MangaL0rd @LamarFloyd @literateprimate @maddsanzen @xXLEFTIBEHINDXx @SSJ4Vegeta1986 @KeyDragonSlayer @sillyseal @crommukk @StevenFick @Elecktra987 @CodyWaring @funspot @SarahSutcliff @SarahSutcliff @ZeltzinCorona @DianaTurcotte @CarlosVega006 @jocandelari @acduelest @ValerieOmokhua @AllyAponte @DestinyGregory @sweetkwaii @ZephyrBlaze @ShatrdGalaxies @EuniceBenavides @DeadlyMcCann @Diamondinthesky @Alanbrito @vmilla1 @JuusannoHono @RobinCullenBlac @rainycorn @CrystalRose01 @outsider2025 @MisakiNguyen @LorettaHon @JabirAli @fireislife @SeeForYourself @biancadanica98 @Fromtheheart @IzamarPalomo @SeeForYourself @JabirAli @fireislife @SeeForYourself @biancadanica98 @Fromtheheart @IzamarPalomo @SeeForYourself @HappysaysAye @relurius @RueTasogare @JamilConner @RehenieRossab @TomasOlivares @JessyRay19 @KilljoyExorcist @Xiet21 @RobertNelson @StevenFick @JoelCruzJr21 @Priscillasdoor @mjjaber @sosoaloraine23 @eljunior192797 @jazhdz21 @EniorehFrancois @RadicalDonna @AtisutoMeru @SymoneBelcher @BrianChatwell @ChrisCopeland @MadLikeHatter @HarleyDawn @HiwaRasul @HiwaRasul @ebethoven @kaiwilson180 @LaNiqueWilliams @Danse @KalyanMadoori @Thatperson512 @ReinShirai @VoidX @AimeBolanos @BlackoutZJ @dragonlover1852 @ShalltearBloodf @RosePark @hikaymm @TensaZangetsu98 @thunder1254 @Matty1997 @MikeWolf @JosiahRosner @TiGotti @BrittanieTaylor @KyleBerke @GossamoKewen95 @RamonPizarro @AnimeDragon @TiffanyWallace @ChrisCopeland @Kirik @leocool19 @AbbyRoscoe @gabbycalzada @mpandy @tianaday2002 @huskey501 @MadHouseRomance @Zetsumei1 @JimmyTruong @AimeBolanos @arnelli @DavidPatrick16 @HollowReaper @buddy854 @MegEliza @TheAnimeManiac @Danse @sasunaru @NickDabon @JoseLuisRobles @JosephHarris @AustinEdwards @tallpinoy @NeshrinFletcher @PaulChavarria @randysqwishy23 @Thatperson512 @BelleofRay @Stoneyy @Stoneyy @TerraToyaSi @evanf240 @CarlosVega006 @Silverfang @InVinsybll @BabySheep @TylerCinamella @VeronicaArtino @MajahnNelson @tbanj97 @Vasue @odayja @T0R1L @KaylaStokes @GenniMurphy @TravisCobbs @DominiqueWhitak @SantaraJones @BulletproofV @tylor619cruz @havic @Shiskra @animerg13 @LadyLuna @KuroUsagi24 @AkiraItuha @KendricPayne @GalenUnleashed2 @boxermama2012 @dster22 @DeSeanFlorence @AustinThurston @Sandrina @UchihaKatisu @BrandeeBlanton @MichaelCochran @SeoInHan @theanimekid @deathkittenz97 @bluemoon6 @BrittanyBocaneg @joemercardante @DJTriEdge @NedZ @vmilla1 @DaiGakuSei @RoyCooper @JuanElJeffeWsf @BelleofRay @animerg13
corpse party is a pretty fucked up one as well
Oh want a scary show lol 馃槀here's one Baku no Pico
what about attack on titan?
@Yatosgirl FAIR PLAY
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