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Today is the first day of the Question Challenge!! ICYMI: I'm challenging everyone to answer a relationship question every day until the end of February. The person who answers the most questions gets to become the ---

~Love Advice Guru ~

Since this is the first question, let's start from the beginning of relationships! Dating!!

Here's the situation (adapted from a real-life situation). This is all the information you are given:)

------> I'm a 20 year old girl and I've never had a bf or even been kissed. I'm pretty intelligent, getting all As and Bs in college. I am busy a lot with sports and school, but I still go to social events, and I've been to a few parties. I'm not picky when it comes to guys, but it just seems they aren't interested. Am I putting myself out there enough? What else can I do to get a bf?
Your challenge, come up with the best advice for this person!! Please feel free to use your own personal tips and tricks, or expand on each others ideas!
Omg @altiar620al those are legit really great pickup lines I might have to use! Ok, so here's what I'm hearing the most: 1. Make time to look for love! don't give up! 2. Explore other places of interest (gym, birthday parties, class, etc.) 3. Go up to a guy and say hi!! 4. don't worry too much :) Thank you all for your comments.... @AprilGuillemard @RafaelRese18 @StetsonCampbell @MaighdlinS @BrendanFred @1FallenAngel @carmaa10 @jordanhamilton @Heartofgold35 @MannyPadron @Bobs @MajahnNelson @VeronicaArtino @arnelli @TomasOlivares @VanessaSimmons @RaquelArredondo @amobigbang @humairaa @ThePervySage @Roblgreen @altiar620al @momattheword @atmi did I miss any of the big stuff?
I'm gonna make this short and sweet. DONT GIVE UP. Keep trying. Eventually your hard work will pay off. Don't be afraid to go talk to guys first. Guys notice that and are impressed by that more than anything. And rule number 1 ALWAYS BE YOURSELF
Umm don't try I guess. I don't mean give up. I mean meet new people and stuff but don't go into it already thinking you want to date them. Let it happen naturally. Be yourself and if he likes that and you like who he is then things will work out for the best. I don't know. That always seems to work for me.
Don't rush it or try too hard. the best thing I ever learned was to let things work themselves out naturally. forcing a relationship will only end things on a negative note later on down the road. let things flow on their own. you'll get a boyfriend when the time is right. keep focusing on what matters most [sports, school, yourself] when you least expect it, you'll have yourself a bf
For me just be natural, be yourself. Don't try too hard because it'll look desperate. Be friendly but not too friendly. Got to keep something that'll make them wanting to know more about you. Just have fun, let it be and it'll will happen. \(^0^)/
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