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Today is the first day of the Question Challenge!! ICYMI: I'm challenging everyone to answer a relationship question every day until the end of February. The person who answers the most questions gets to become the ---

~Love Advice Guru ~

Since this is the first question, let's start from the beginning of relationships! Dating!!

Here's the situation (adapted from a real-life situation). This is all the information you are given:)

------> I'm a 20 year old girl and I've never had a bf or even been kissed. I'm pretty intelligent, getting all As and Bs in college. I am busy a lot with sports and school, but I still go to social events, and I've been to a few parties. I'm not picky when it comes to guys, but it just seems they aren't interested. Am I putting myself out there enough? What else can I do to get a bf?
Your challenge, come up with the best advice for this person!! Please feel free to use your own personal tips and tricks, or expand on each others ideas!
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@nicolejb your very welcome XD i would explain better in person to show an example. here is okay i try to put it in detail. ..anyways hope my advices work.
in this situation I wouldn't do anything. It's not good to try to change for other people and go against yourself. if guys aren't coming to you and you want to be in a relationship I suggest going to them. Some guys might say that they don't feel as accomplished if the girl comes to them first, but some guys love the confidence. Love is like looking for a lost item: When you want it you look and look for it and when it seems your about to give up you'll find it.
@nicolejb. .. to the person... are you waiting for prince charming?.. because it doesn't Start getting the ONE that you want.. NOW!.. when this happens.. you will see the rest coming. .