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It’s the night of the big party at work, your phone goes off while you’re dressing,
“Busy today? Might have some Skype time.” If everything goes as you plan, there will be face to face time, not Skype time.
“I am headed into work, you have a free night?”
“Sort of, some party, don’t think we have to stay whole time, would love to see your face, hear your voice.”
“Agreed, dying to see your face too. I’ll let you know when I get a minute.” You sign off with a sigh, check the mirror one more time and head out to meet the car and Ken in front.
Lots of people wandering around, bowing, so many introductions that you really hope there isn’t a quiz later. Honestly, your brain shut down after the third full Korean name. You smile, bow, nod, follow the Director of the PR department around like you’re supposed to. You keep checking the door but mostly there are only executives and office people here, none of the idols have made an appearance yet.
After the first hour, your feet hurt, your hands are sweaty, and you just wish this night would end. The PR Director heads to the front, pulling you along behind him. He steps up to the make shift pulpit with microphone and begins his speech.
“Good evening everyone, if I could have your attention for a moment?” He states and waits for the room to get quiet. Thankfully, Jimin has made her way to your side so that you have some idea of what is being said. “We are thankful that everyone could make it out tonight as we launch our newest division in PR, the International Division.” Polite applause.
“I would like to share how this came about; it’s a really interesting story. Proof that some idols have great business sense.” He laughs a little into his hand, smiles at the crowd and continues.
“A few months back I was approached by a couple of idols with what they thought was a grand plan. They said it would help bring positive PR for not only Big Hit but also South Korea. Their idea was to hire a ‘blogger’ to come to Korea for a fort night; have them play tourist, follow a few different idol groups around. They were to write in their blog all about the experiences and feelings of those involved. They thought this would be beneficial and they already had a blogger in mind.” He looks over at you with a smile and a wink, not gonna lie, it is kind of creepy but you politely smile back.
“When I informed them that the PR department didn’t have those type of funds; maybe the blogger could come for just a few days or write most of it from internet research? This was met with serious objection, ‘No, the blogger is to be here for 10 days’. They felt so strongly about this that one even offered to pay for the airfare and hotel if the company took care of the meals and salary. I decided there must be something to this blogger, so I did a little research of my own on them.”
You had been staring at the floor until that comment. What did he just say? Jimin has stopping translating as you look up at her to see if you heard her correctly. This is the first she has heard any of how you came to be here, her eyes are filled with wonder as she just stares at you.
There is only one idol out of the two that makes enough through other means, to be able to fund your coming over. Namjoon. He not only created the job for you, he pretty much paid to have you come visit. Funny, that part of the story hadn’t come out when he and Tae had confessed to you that first night together.
The PR director continues to ramble on about a few more things, praises the work that you had submitted, the response it has already been given, and the idols choice in a blogger. He then explains how they came to see the value of how this could work for the company in the long run. How before you left to head home after those 10 days, they had willingly offered you a job and now had high hopes for this new International department and how it can assist them in becoming a global company.
There is polite applause around the room as he asks if you want to say a few words, you shake your head in decline. As people start mingling again, you desperately search the crowd. There, in the back corner; Jin, Jungkook, and Suga. You go up on your tippy toes to try to find the rest when a hand settles on the small of your back and a voice whispers in your ear,
“This is the second time you’ve come to Korea and not said anything. Should we be worried?”
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