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Social media seems to be controlling every aspect of our lives in today's society. It's sad. When was the last time you just put your phone away and got outside, read a book, talked with family, or even just take a walk? And I'm being so serious without your phone. If we are being honest it's probably a long time. This has been something that has been heavy on my mind recently that social media is preventing me from having healthy relationships with friends, family and God, and just enjoying the little things like a walk in the park. So starting next week, I'm going completely social media free for a week to reboot my mind and refocus my goals. Do you have what it takes to go without social media for an entire week? Challenge yourself!
I just wrote about this and used the same photo! Banksy is an original! Yeah I to tally agree with you here !
To quote Louis CK regarding cell phones and social media: "I think these things are toxic, especially for kids...they don't look at people when they talk to them and they don't build empathy. You know, kids are mean, and it's 'cause they're trying it out. They look at a kid and they go, 'you're fat,' and then they see the kid's face scrunch up and they go, 'oh, that doesn't feel good to make a person do that.' But they got to start with doing the mean thing. But when they write 'you're fat,' then they just go, 'mmm, that was fun, I like that."
Very cool. Social media can take us away from being social in real life. I do gotta work on putting the phone away!
Yea I accidentally did add it to all communities. I'm new at this so just figuring out the details.
@shannonl5 I think he may have inadvertently put this in all of the communities.
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