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I usually don't have troubling making friends, I've always been really good at walking up to someone and saying "hi!" and going from there. But lately I've been having a hard time building and creating friendships in my adult life.

It's hard making friends after school you guys.

I present a version of myself that is awesome, excited, totally confident and normal! But then I discovered I've actually been going about making friendships and relationships the totally wrong way! According to this video and experts ----

You should be vulnerable and open about what you struggle with.

That's not to say you should go out there and tell everyone all of your insecurities, BUT if you have someone in your life who you are starting to trust, and you want to take things deeper ----

Open up to them. Tell them your worries, frustrations, and insecurities! Be honest and caring when they share theirs.

Because truth is: I'm insecure about my looks, unsure of myself at work, and I have like zero friends. But at least I can share that with someone I care about.
I have a few people I consider best friends and who I'm consistently talking to. But I'm like you, some come and go and that's ok! @1FallenAngel @RafaelRese18 EXACTLY. Sometimes I would just rather listen to someone else vent then to have to worry about my own stuff
I'm with you there @nicolejb. I understand that very well, since I am the same. I only have one best friend. I've had friends that come and go, but that doesn't mean that I've turned my back on them.
I don't normally ask for help because I don't like placing my burdens on others, but asking for help is not at all weak. @nicolejb
That's sort've how I am too, I'm a very private person and I have a hard time asking for help. but those people i do ask for help are the ones that i realize are my best friends... you know? @1FallenAngel
In my case, I'm friendly and anyone who honestly needs me I'm there for them. At the same token, I love my privacy. I know I'm a bit confusing and complicated.
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