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Chapstick is a necessity.

Dry lips are never okay. Besides my phone and wallet, I always have some kind of lip moisturizer on me. One of my worst fears is being caught with dry, cracked lips. *eeeeek* Besides, we all know you can't apply a flawless lip product with non-moisturized lips. I usually stick with the traditional scents [mint, rose, etc.], sometimes i'll go all out and splurge on a fascinating limited edition chapstick -- but for the most part I'm simple.
In this absolutely hilarious video [seen below] three people give food flavored lipsticks a try. Can you guess what foods they might be trying out? Keep scrolling and see and try your best not to salivate while watching.

Do you make sure to keep your lips moisturized?

What specific chapstick do you use?
@nicolejb @PurpleChick Same! The pink grapefruit is the best <3
I always have chapstick in my pocket. I won't go anywhere without it. I use Burts Bees Mango, almost exclusively. Most chapsticks make my lips more dry after they wear off, or just wear off way too fast. I've been known to apply it constantly throughout the day, but Burts lasts the longest so far.
I'm going to get one of each flavor each of you just mentioned!! @nicolejb @PurpleChick @Arellano1052
@jordanhamilton yes you should! @Arellano1052 Thats one of my favorites it's amazing 馃槏
@TurtleyTurtles I'm mostly a traditional mint type, but I love the fruit flavors too! I MUST TRY MANGO
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