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This is pretty much a relationship expectation for me. You don't have to be single to grow out the leg hair ;)
See @danidee? There's hope for us all.
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I adore "Sarah's Scribbles"
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I'm honestly obsessed @coreywriley91!! I discovered it like 3 months ago and I can't get enough. haha I know it makes my grooming seem less crazy @JtacoGuzman ;)
2 years ago·Reply do you know he is a keeper?? huh?!.. well there is something that we all have and is called intuition. .listen to your heart..and another thing your heart talks when you have already known the person..and remember that takes a while at least for me.. personally I will friends I don't get romantically involved right away..
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Idk, man. If someone started rubbing up on my leg hair, I'd feel so paranoid hahaha.
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I think it's from little moments that we realize someone is a keeper. like when your heart says "yes" because that's something you appreciate. I'm not saying this example is for everyone really, but it definitely shows how a little moment can mean a lot to someone. @luna1171
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