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Polygon had the chance to interview Hideo Kojima at the DICE Summit and he said some pretty interesting things about the process of him leaving Konami, Silent Hills, and Metal Gear Solid. Kojima's departure from Konami was probably the biggest/most controversial news that broke in the gaming world last year. So getting to hear his take on everything that happened is something that I'm sure we're all totally interested in.
The way he describes everything that happened with Silent Hills is extremely interesting to me and the metaphor he uses makes it clear how hard it was for Kojima to let go of the property once it was cancelled:
It seems like Konami pulled everything out from under him after they announced that Silent Hills was cancelled. It's interesting to learn how invested Kojima was in developing the Silent Hills game before it was cancelled. But fortunately, since his departure, the future for Kojima in the industry looks bright.
It seems like Kojima is eager to have a fresh start in the gaming world with his new company, Kojima Productions. Throughout the interview he states that he's building the team while working on a new game all at the same time.
And even though he isn't really releasing any information on what he's working on exactly, I still have this childlike excitement for whatever he releases next. It'll be extremely interesting to see the world he comes up with and what kind of game it'll be.
If you want to read the full interview, you can do so here.