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Marvel Wheel of Fortune!

Featuring Tony Stark as our Vanna White.

The winner last time around was the lovely @BeannachtOraibh who chose our secret phrase today. If you're new to this, here's how this game works:
Comment to guess a letter (one at a time!)
As we go I'll fill in the blanks for you
Whoever can finish first gets to pick the next secret phrase!

Good luck everyone!

fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break? that's like sixteen walls
fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break? thats like sixteen walls
It was a tight game @kneelb4zod
I will be ready and waiting xD
@CalebOrr for sure @BeannachtOraibh picked a good one this week. I work such weird hours but I'll try to run the next one at a different time!
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