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It's a matchup you probably never really considered. Really, when you think about it, these guys wouldn't really find themselves on opposite teams if they were to ever meet.
So what is the catalyst that gets these two icons of Valve games throwing their hands up?
The illusory cake that Chell was promised over and over, only to find it was a lie the entire time.
If you went through what she went through, only to see some random mute chowing down on your just desserts (eh? EH?) would you react any differently? Probably not.
You can check out the video down at the bottom, but Ijust wanted to highlight what were my favorite parts.
The effects were spectacular for a ~3 minute fanmade video. Both the Gravity Gun and the Portal Gun look perfectly recreated, and the physics of the objects show by the gravity gun are fantastic.
The familiar glows of the portals, and the inclusion of the turret bit, where Chell gets it to shoot at Gordon, is brilliant.
The best part of it all was the fact that Mr. Freeman paused in his pursuit of Chell to stop and smash up some crates, which exploded in that specific Half-Life way we all love.
These little salutes to the fanbase is what makes videos like this so awesome to me.

Check the whole thing out here:

This was a triumph. I'm making a note here- huge success!
I've never played either of these games, but this was amazing! My favorite part was when he stopped to break the boxes. That's me right there. Lol
probably all of those things, though
... or an easy bake oven for easy cake
... maybe a portal gun too
... i really need to get one installed the next time i'm in the shop
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