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True story: My parents names are Jim and Pam and they are pretty much the definition of soulmates. So naturally, this made me cry like a baby.
After the birth of kids, Mom always spends more on them than on her partner. So the relationship between nice couples tends to become more spiritually intimate other than physically closer.
@nicolejb that's what I thought too..that is something difficult to talk about. .is very hard to explain. .in a way people can understand. .putting it simple..SOULMATE..could be anybody even your not always a significant other..
Yeah I like too!! I like to call some of my friends that I'm really close with my Friend Soulmate. I think you can have that too. That's actually a really great point too @SeveningCluck and I think couples can change when they have kids so it might not seem they are as close as they actually are.
@TessStevens probably one of my all-time fav TV couples. haha may or not be because of my fam