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Marvel characters in the Harry Potter houses. This is where I believe that Sorting Hat will place these lovely peoples! I picked these people bcuz I believe they have at least 3 of the 4 things the Sorting Hat looks for.
Gryffindor values Courage, Chivalry, Bravery and Nerve. So here are my picks for this house. Some are obvious some probably not. Captain America. Obviously. Thor. Same. Agent Coulson. I believe he has all of those and goes above and beyond. Daredevil. Very much so. And lastly. Spawn. Spawn could be in at least 2 houses but I believe he's very brave and courageous. He's got a lot of nerve. So I think this is his home. Storm. This lady be crazy brave. Has Lotsa nerve. Very courageous.
Hufflepuff values Hard work, Patience, Justice and Loyalty. So here are my picks for this house. Some are obvious some probably not. Hawkeye. Not counting the Loki thing, he's very loyal, gotta have patience fit shooting a bow, and he's hard working. Not too sure if his sense of justice but there you go. Beta Ray Bill. Why is he not in Gryffindor with his homie Thor? Well bcuz he has more patience then Thor and a stronger sense of justice and loyalty. And he works hard to keep his race safe. Professor Xavier. A true man of patience. He weighed hard to get the X-Men together and has a very strong sense of justice which he instills into his students. Still loyal to Magneto even after everything he's done. Bucky Barnes. Hard worker, definitely. Loyal to Steve so much that we call them Stucky. Lotsa patience waiting for his man to reappear. Hellboy. Loyal, yes. Hard worker, yes. Patience = -0. Justice, yes. Nightcrawler. Patience he has it most of the time. Fiercely loyal. A super sense of justice and he's a hard hard worker.
Ravenclaw values Intelligence, Creativity, Learning and Wit. So here are my picks for this house. Some are obvious some probably not.
Iron Man. Yup all those. He made all his toys and suits! Bruce Banner. Super smart, witty and loves learning plus yeah he's creative... Big and green. Spider-Man. Smartest Marvel character and still in High school. Ant Man. He invented the Pym Particle. Beast. Way smart very creative big and blue and he will call you something that you'll have to look up before you can be insulted! She Hulk. Yeah followed her man.
Slytherin values Leadership, Ambition, Cunning and Resourcefulness. So here are my picks for this house. Some are obvious some probably not. Loki. Lacks leadership but he can be commanding. Doctor Doom. Ambitious as hell can manipulate like a Jedi and always has some trick up his sleeve. Deadpool. This MwM could go anywhere BUT I think he'd belong here. He kills people for money. He's cunning and he's always pulling a banana or taco or that damn rubber chicken outta thin air. Star Lord. Leader. Yup. Cunning. Oh yes. Resourceful. Yeah like how did you manage that? Ambitious... eh. Black Widow. Kills people or used to. Not a leader either but she makes up for that with cunning. Magneto. Leader. Made Genosha. Ambitious. Yup wants all non mutants far away. Cunning. Yeah smart as hell. Resourceful. Make Genosha.
Honorable mentions. I have OCD(CDO) if u ask me so. I didn't put these peeps in here but like the others there's 7 pics. Place em where you wanna! Sage. Reed Richards. Agent Peggy Carter. Wolverine. Namor. Falcon. And Gambit.
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@LadyLuna This is pretty amazing work. Well done.
That is awesome! I will be asking you who some of those people are. You are more informative than Google! lol!
@MaeKeyMae Lmao ok! >\\\<
Very nice placements
-Cough cough- 10 points for Ravenclaw.