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I feel like the point of having a quarter-life crisis is to constantly think about your past and how things were a lot different back then. Like, it's easier to think, "I should have done this" instead of thinking "I should do this now". And since I've had Pinegrove's recent release, Cardinal, on repeat for the past couple of weeks, I found a song that I go back to every time I find myself smoking and drinking myself to sadness before I go to bed.
There are so many great lyrics in this song. I'm tempted to leave the whole thing down there for you to read but I'm not going to. I'll still leave a line or two down there that really affected me but I think listening to it on your own is a much better experience. Especially with this song. There are a couple of lines that pop out to me every time I hear it again.
But there's one in particular that strikes a very particular part of my soul every time I hear it (you can see it below). It reminds me of something that I should be doing everyday but I still don't. It's a bummer the way I let life get in the way of the things I consider important or valuable. I spent so much of 2015 thinking about why things were better in the past instead of thinking about how I could make my current situation better (I still fall prey to this but I'm working on it). And the lines are a comfortable reminder that maybe, well, I should do those things.

Notable Lyrics:

I should call my parents when I think of them. I should tell my friends when I love them.

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