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This picture is proof enough alone that there is a great reason why the only bald eagles that you ever see in photographs are always in profile. Buzzfeed pointed out this fact to us and they are so right.

This is the majestic bald eagle that we all know and love.

They look so wise, so strong and so proud. No wonder the bald eagle has come to represent the United States of America.
Just remember to always think of the majestic bird in profile because this angle is just so unflattering. But, it's also a good reminder that we all have an unflattering side, even the powerful bald eagle.
Lmao, bald eagles have seriously mastered the derp face. I love it.
hhahha that last picture looks like the front facing camera on snapchat. Work them angles!!! hahahahha
@TessStevens hahaha that is definitely how I feel when the front camera opens on Snapchat... also how I feel I look when I wake up in the morning
@danidee I feel like you would really find this funny