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Thanks to PopSugar and Erin Cullum, I found what you've been looking for: pairing the right wine with the right Girl Scout Cookie!
Keep in mind that not all Girl Scout cookies are available in all regions. Also, time frames for selling the addictive treats varies. Click here to enter your zip code to see the closest spot to snag these gems!

Tagging the folks that I think could use this information!

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@marshalledgar You must be on something...girl scout cookies and wine....
The meds from the op still have you in their grasp
hahahahahahahahah @inplainsight! Wine and Girl Scout Cookies, what could be a better pairing?! I should have shared this for Valentine's Day! I have my pills locked up for a rainy day, like when a daring migraine falls upon me for no good reason! That stuff is more prized than gold! It's bliss in a pill and works lightning fast! I had to go to three different pharms to get my script filled because it's hard to come by. And I have 36 pills that I can cut in half, which means I have 72 more uses. That's more than 1 a week. And I haven't needed one since my ops in January! hehehehehehe :)
YESSSS! Cannot share the girl scout cookies!!! at all!