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I'm confused
A girl who's a friend to me told me today" You do it right, any girl would be damn lucky to have you and care for them." I wanna know the secret meaning behind this message. OR maybe its nothing.
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girls aren't really straight fwd, but thank you for the advice
2 years ago·Reply
Your right Nick, girls are not straight forward. We are enigma's, but boys would save a whole lot of time and frustration if they just would just ask. Ask....
2 years ago·Reply
okay okay, you're right. imma ask
2 years ago·Reply
I don't know her, but I doubt that there is a secret meaning. It could just mean exactly what she said. She thinks that you're a great guy, and you'll make some girl happy. Your female friends will want you to be happy. When they say things like that though, it doesn't necessarily mean with them.
2 years ago·Reply
she's always tells me how shity her bf treats her, she knows I treat my gf well
2 years ago·Reply