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Help me out here fam.
My nephew and I can't agree. So in your opinion who is the best idol rapper? I won't tell you our opinions to keep it fair.
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Ravi is my favorite rapper, Top second, third is RapMonster, and fourth GD, and then Jackson, I have others but that my top 5
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Personally I think suga from bts is the best rapper cause he can rap really fast and I think that's cool. But it's just my opinion so... 馃槀
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TOP then GD (big bang), younguk and Zelo (b.a.p) last is P.O. (block b)
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GD, T.O.P. and Zico are my top 3
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GD, Zico, Mad clown(does he count as an idol?) , T.O.P and Suga
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