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So @BBxGD @Jiyongixoxo made this extremely difficult thing called bias wars. This took me forever to finally decided for certain ones! Thank you guys for this awesome game!
1. Ultimate Bias. That would be Koo Junhoe I mean look at him who wouldn't fall for this dork!
2. Bias wrecker. Kim Jinhwan needs to chill and stop trying to get to Ub along with Junhoe. He is super adorable and such a sweetheart.
3. The Bias creeper. I would say it has to be Bobby >_> This boy needs to slow down and stop getting higher on my bias list.
4. Bias Murderer. Most definitely my UB. June I can't handle him what so ever no matter what he does it kills me or drives me to the point of insanity.
5. The sneaky bias. Don't let Jinhwan's appearance fool you he may look innocent, but he can go from an adorable mess to a sexy beast in a matter of seconds. >_<
6. Secret bias. I know I mentioned Bobby earlier, but even though I have admitted he is one of my biases I don't want to fully admit it.
7. Best Body ( fully dressed ) I would say Yunhyeong ^_^
8. Best Tattoo bias. When you think Tattoos in kpop you automatically think Jay Park
9. Best abs bias. Most definitely Taeyang especially in bang bang bang
@SarangRavi @jessicaacosta90 good luck. don't forget to taqq ,πŸ’–πŸ’–
Omg this is going to cause me to rip my hair out of my head. . .
@BBxGD Your welcome you and thank you and @Jiyongixoxo for making it. @Jiyongixoxo He most definitely is as fast as he can change like that ugh! 😁 it drive me crazy.
@BBxGD Kk I won't forget
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