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You woke up to a thud you heard on your window, You look over at the window and you heard a voice yelled, "It's me! Park Jimin!!! The boy that was your in your closet!!!" Your eyes widened as you look at your alarm clock which read that it was 3:30am! You look out your window as your eyes squint, He smiles and yells at you, "Hey! Come outside right now!" Your eyes blink alot as you motioned him to climb up the tree that was near your window, He gave you a thumbs up as he walks towards the tree and climbs. He looked up at you as he reaches his hand out to grab the bottom part of the window but you grabbed his hand as you blushed. He lifts his leg over the window as he grunts loudly. You laugh as you out your hair up in a high messy bun because you didn't want him to see your frizzy hair. You laugh as you asked, "What are you doing here so early?" He looks up at you with dreamy eyes, " Well, I missed you and I wanted to see you." You blushed as he asks you, "Want to go and get some ice cream?" You gave him a interesting smirk as you replied, "I'd love too but what if there not open right now?" He just ignored you as he grabs your hand and sits you down next to you on your bed. He has his arm wrapped around your shoulders as his other hand grabs both of your legs and has them in his lap as he looks into your eyes, You look into his eyes as your eyes got bigger in surprise, He asks you, " Do you mind if your legs are touching me? Or is that uncomfortable for you?" You blush as you nod a no. He smiles as his hand touches to bottom part of your chin and lifts it up, and starts to kiss you, You kept thinking of how sweet and charming he was, You just relaxed your back posture and let him take over. His hands start to grip onto your waistline as you run your fingers through his lovely and soft orange hair. After like 5 minutes of sharing DNA, He pulled back and grabbed your hand as he walks towards the window. He has his leg on the window border line as he looks at you but you grabbed his shoulder as you told him, "Don't jump from the window down to the ground, You'll get injured! Use the tree!!" He smiles as he looks at the ground, By the way his face looked, You can tell that he was not gonna follow your rules, He jumps from the window straight down to the ground and you heard a thud as he landed. He looks up at you as he raises his hand as if you were gonna jump. "(Y/N), (Y/N), Let down your beautiful hair!" He yelled. You blushed as you told him to wait by using your index finger. You ran towards your closet and grabbed your jacket and put your arms through both sleeves and climb down the tree slowly. As you got closer to the ground, You felt his hands grabbing both sides of your hips as your foot touches the ground. He laced his fingers with yours as you guys head downtown. You both had turned the corner to see a cute little frozen yogurt place open. You told him, "I thought we were going to a ice cream place, This is a frozen yogurt place." "There the same thing. Now what flavor do you want?" You think about it as he opens the door for you like a gentlemen. "Mmmmm, I would like the birthday cake flavor, It's delicious." He smiles as he tells you, "Okay Cinderella, Go find us a seat and I'll bring you your sweets..." You smile as you let go of his hand as you go and find a seat. *FROM HIS PERSPECTIVE* I walk towards the cashier and order as he asks, " Was that your girlfriend?" I nod a yes and smile as I find change in my black leather wallet, "She's very pretty, Your a very lucky boy." He commented. I looked up at the tall man, I read his nametag, His name is Zander. I look over at (Y/N) to see what she was up too, She was just on her phone looking down which made her have a double chin which is pretty cute. I gave Zander $5.50 as he was pressing buttons. He grabbed a sticky note and a black ink pen as he looks up at me, "What's your name?" "Jimin." I told him with my deepest voice. He writes down my name with nice handwriting as I look at his hand which looks messed up. I stand there and wait for the yogurts as I look at (Y/N), I see her looking up at me with a big smile on her face, Which made me blush really hard, I see her gave me a wink which made me swoon. I rubbed my neck as I look down then back at her. She blew me a kiss and I pretended to grab it and touch my right cheek. I heard a DING which was a bell that had been pushed by Zander. I grabbed both cups of yogurt which made my fingers cold. I looked at her cup which had a note sticking on the bottom, I looked under it and read what it has said, "Hey, Your cute but I see you have a boyfriend, But we can be friends, Call me" And then next to it was his phone number. I set down both cups and she immediately grabs her as I look into her eyes. "Wait, Let me see it." I tell her but she justs ignores me and takes off the note. She reads it with a weirded out smirk, "Ummm Okayyy." She said awkwardly. *HER PERSPECTIVE* I look over Jimin's shoulder to see him staring at me with a smile and appealing eyes. "Hey Babe, What's the cashier name?" "Zander, Why?" He asked me with worry in his face. I motion my eyes towards Zander's direction as Jimin looked over his shoulder, He angrily walked towards him and yells in his face saying, "Hey! Stop looking at her! She's taken!!!" Zander just looked up and down at him as he tells him, "I don't see her boyfriend." "Your looking at him." He said as his fists tighten hardly to the point where you can see his veins popping out. "I don't see much." You can tell he was starting to get heated, He asks, "Aren't you like 30?" "No I'm not, I go to the same highschool as you and (Y/N), I'm just new so you don't really know me." Jimin justs clears his throat as he walks towards you. He sees you have finished yours but not his. He just grabs your hand as he whispers in your ear, "When I say go, Start running out the door towards your house." You were curious as to what he had meant but you just went along with it, As Jimin yelled go, He threw the yogurt at Zander as he runs out the door right behind you. You both run really fast as if the cops were chasing you. You finally had stopped at a park that was completely empty, You hear heavy breathing behind you. You turn around and see Jimin looking up as he inhales deeply as his fingers laced together behind his neck. You see a table behind you and you sit on the cold surface which made you flinch but after like 2 minutes of squating you sit down as Jimin sits down next to you. He gets up and stands in front of you as he puts his right leg next to you as he looks at you with a dirty smirk. You get all awkward but you blush hardly as he strokes your hair gently. You slide down away from him but he justs picks you up bridal style as you cover your face with your hands. He kisses your cheek as he sets you down. He held your hand as you both walked slowly together. You checked your phone to see that it was 4:10am, You looked at Jimin as you told him, "Oppa, It's 4:10, Shouldn't you be going home right now just in case plus we have school". He sighs heavily as he walks you home. As you both head towards the tree, He puts his hands under your foot as he pushes you upwards the tree. You grabbed each tree branch as you carefully try not to fall, Especially since Jimin was climbing after you. As you try to stretch your arm to grab the wall, Your foot slips and you almost fall but luckily, Jimin grabbed your ankles and puts them into the tree holes. You sneak into the window as you hear yourself hitting the floor. Jimin grunts loudly as he jumps through the window and lands on his feet, Making a loud thud. You put your index finger over your mouth to tell him to be quiet. He jokingly plays around and claps loudly. You laugh as you flirtingly punch his arm. He giggles as he whispers, "See you later at school, In the mean time, I want to give you something. Here." He hands you the most beautiful promise ring and slips it on your wedding finger as he whispers, "My heart is forever yours, Your heart is engraved in mine. I really like you, (Y/N), Do you like me?" You blush as he rubs your hands with his thumb as his other hand messes with the ring. "Yeah, I like you too, Jimin." He smiles and looks into your eyes, "I'm glad, I really like you and I'd thought you say no." You look up at him with an confused look on your face, "Of course I like you, If I didn't like you, I would have never showed skinship or affection for you nor would I have kept you over my house or I wouldn't have tooken care of you when you knocked out that one day." He looks at you with a dissapointed expression, "So you must really like me then..." You nod a yes as he continues, "Why did you even help me in the first place?" "Because, I cared about your safety and I actually I have something to confess." You opened up. He looks at you as he hums a what. You look into his eyes as you sigh awfully loud, "Remember the day where you were in a fight? Well, earlier that day you had asked me if anyone was sitting next to me and I told you no then I blushed really hard and the reason why I did is because I had a big crush on you and I had shooken your hand and I remembered the way your hand had felt soft and smooth, I didn't want to let go but I had too. So when I saw you injured I knew that I had to help you, Even if you were a complete stranger I would have helped you but I knew you so I took you to my house or else I just would have tooken you to the local hospital." He looks at you with pink puffy and fluffy cheeks. He gets up and has his foot on the window seal as he looks at you, "See you at school Savior." He winks, "See you later Bad Boy."
I know this chapter is really short but I had plans and I was busy but I still wanted to post at least one story chapter and I chose this story because I like this story but I hoped you all enjoyed it and if you have a suggestion, Then comment who's your ultimate bias or who you want as the main character. I love you guys! Your the reason why I make these stories!!
I just had too show you guys the ring I found and It's so cute and I would have loved if someone bought me one
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