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I'm a child at heart, I can be very mature and serious, but it's too exhausting most of the time. That's why I love to let loose my inner child. If you ever take me to a restaurant and they give out coloring pages and crayons, I'm going to get some. There's two ways that can go: 1. You join me and 2. You don't. lol I would marry the girl who when packing for a trip says "I packed you some crayons and a coloring book." Just a little something about myself. Btw I was mad when this restaurant only had four colors and none were blue, I had to color my dolphin green.
They have adult color books now!! haha I haven't tried them, but I have a feeling I'd love it!
Having your inner child take over is such a great way to take a break from the everyday mundane adult life. I myself loves coloring with crayons, (I don't like water colours, they're messy.lol) although I can't draw. I also love playing with puzzles. I think it's awesome that you give your inner child to take over and just enjoy life.
@TessStevens you use an adult color book yeah?!
@nicolejb, that's so cool, I didn't know that, I'm definitely going try one