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Because I can't be everywhere, all the time, and because I don't have limitless money to spend on beauty products, I RELY on @DupeThat for affordable dupes, honest product reviews, and fabulous swatches!
So, take a look at this killer color! It's not red and it's not orange.
This is a classic example of how even your name brand products can look just like knock-offs and department store cosmetics:
MAC - "Quite the Standout" - $20
Jeffree Star - "Anna Nicole" - $18
Sephora - "Mandarin Muse" - $14
Gerard Cosmetics - "Mercury Rising" - $20
Yes, they're all a smidge different than the next, but you can clearly see that they're virtually identical to each other.
My point: When you find a color you love, don't be so quick to snatch it that you miss out on similar colors from other companies that are less expensive. That doesn't mean you can't splurge. But seriously, makeup is costly!!!! Christmas is over, you can't be putting makeup on your wishlist just yet.
I'm digging these colors. Unfortunately they look great on my sister yet I'm so pale orange tones just do not go with me
Yes, things like this are always hard without seeing the color in person. It is too warm of a color to look good on me but it is very pretty.
I want that Anna Nicole so badly!!!
I would call it Coral. Is this a website or an app?
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