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Guys it's that time again!ok so here's the deal I legit have no memes :( oh well anyway credit to the owners of these photos!
BTS aka my favorite group of all time! (comment down below ur fav group of all time!)
OMG memes!they get me every time! (laughs and person next to me in the Starbucks looks at me like I'm crazy)
That's it for today! see u guys soon!!
iKon and BTS
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that fact is kinda depending on if you've actually met them before... Like if you've never met and they show up in your dreams you'll never meet them in real life but if you've like met them before then it could mean that they miss you or you'll see them again soon
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where is the last picture in the 2nd group from?
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I'm not for sure @Moose1998
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