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I am from Florida, where all the bullsh*t happens. I vividly remember one news story that basically went national and made people go "WTF REALLY did it this time around."
That story was face-eating man in Miami. A homeless man by the name of Ronald Poppo was the victim of an awful and cruel attack committed by Rudy Eugene. There was speculation that bath salts was the reason why he went a little nuts and started to eat a person's face off. However, the toxicity reports was only able to identity marijuana in Eugene's system.

What happened in your hometown that got you going...

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New York has too many to count...
Don't got one that sticks out?? @InVinsybll
I'll tell you the funny ones: Once while they were digging up the middle school to renovate it they found a stick of dynamite in the basement. Totally ready to go off. It had been there for like 50 years. They had to evacuate the high school (we were next door) and call in the bomb squad because someone just casually forgot some dynamite in a school. Another time the power went out. Which was not a huge deal, there was a backup generator. The janitor decided not to wait for that. He hit the first generator with a broom. The broom happened to be metal, he electrocuted himself a little, and totally blew both generators. He was fine, but we definitely had a day and a half off while they fixed it XD
One of the more crazier things was near me in Waukesha Wisconsin two girl obsessed with slenderman who believed if they killed someone in thus wooded area they would earn their way to live with the slenderman. they were 12. So they set up a sleep over with another friend of theirs. the next day took this friend to the woods to play hide and seek and stabbed her 19 times. She managed to crawl out and flag down someone and survived. Here's the story. It's crazy!!!
being from the north part of the panhandle I remember two things specifically.. one being a hooker found in the dumpster behind a shell station that was never solved..and a man who was related to one of my bosses who was beaten,robbed and finally set on fire for not wanting to give someone a ride without gas money