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So yeah, I'm going to a con this weekend, and well kinda doing a cosplay. I don't know I think this would be something Orihime would wear, but I'm not feeling so confident, I think I look kind of funny. This will be my first time wearing a "cosplay" out in public around a bunch of people. I am excited but also slightly terrified as I don't do so well around large groups of people. Anyways I'm sorry I haven't been on here in like forever. But I plan to change that soon.
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you look great hun! don't worry too much (:
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Thanks 馃槉@JesseCastellano
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I think this is definitely something the character would wear! I hope you have fun :D
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I'm glad ^.^ thank you @shannonl5 I'm becoming more excited by this time tomorrow I should be on my way there!
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@ChepiTupa yay!!! I'm excited for you :D
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