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Hello everyone!!

This card is to inform the community about IGOT7 Team. we members of this community have created this team to make our community even better than how it is now.. Our purpose here is to make activities and games and Challenges for the Community members. This way we'll keep the community lively like other fellows community here in Vingle. . just because we were feeling little down we didn't have this kind of fun in our community. .

So we decided on created IGOT7 Team to have more I know, I know, I know. .You guys are getting excited as you read this right?? well we are excited too.. Yeeeeih!!!

OH MY GAAAAAWWWD! !! finally.. yes a Team for our GOT7 community yeeeas! ok So let me introduce the IGOT7 TEAM to you guys..

@PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @AaliyahNewbell @ManduBum @UnnieCakesAli and my self @luna1171 we have planned many exciting ectivities that we will start sharing as days will come..To start we have assigned one day in specific for each member for us to dedicate that day specially to one GOT7 member. each one of us will be in charge for one member It will be : Markie-Pooh Mondays.. @luna1171 Jackson Wild & Sexy Tuesdays @PrettieeEmm Bae Bum Wednesdays @ManduBum Jr. Tantalizing Thursdays @VeronicaArtino YoungJae Phenomenal Fridays.. @AaliyahNewbell BamBam Time! Saturdays @MaricelvaRomero Brownie-Yugy Sundays @UnnieCakesAli and you guys are welcome to join us on making cards for the members too o each day.. you can tag your followers and even invite them to invite their friends and join our Community. .yeah.!
Yes Yes Yes.. I know you are very we are too Yeeeih! !..we are going to have lots of fun because we have plan a lot.. So we all be posting and tagging for games, marathons, challenge etc. so you guys join us we will make this community real DAEBAK! !! for

And I know some adorable people that would be real happy with all this.. OUR BOYS!!!!

Look how happy and excited they are about this.. So Everyone this is IGOT7 TEAM for GOT7 community at Vingle. .We hope everything we will be doing is of your like.. and enjoyment. So then.

나중에 보자 (najung-e boja) see you later!!!

aaaawww!!! LOOK the BOYS are Cheering for us.. GO! IGOT7.. GO!! Yeeeiiih!

JB is really excited as the leader he is lol..

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@Defy24601 Thank you so much.👌👍😆
@luna1171 Just so you know, the user also made another negative card about Junior. It is honestly a ridiculous one that makes absolutely no sense, but I just thought I would let you know regardless.
@Defy24601 ignore her she is just provoking..and it will be removed if she publish it on kpop community only..if she publish on GOT7 i will remove it ok just ignore her..
@luna1171 I will ignore it for sure. I just happened to see it, and though I would report it to you. Thank you for handling all of this so well!
@Defy24601 your welcome....and she did not publish it in our community because I already warned her..but Kpop Community Mod already knows... she removed the other card..Iam sure she will do the same when she sees it ... now it will be her call to remove it..just ignore she is looking for attention..