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This is exactly how I reacted when I saw this scene.
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@JoseYzaguirre oh poor child, you know nothing of the messes Ciel gets himself into.
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no because i havent seen black buttler yet another is lots of people say lots of yaoi in it and yeah but im might be wrong too so... but yeah i dont know shit about seb or ceil...
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@JoseYzaguirre there is no true Yaoi in that series. There are funny allusions to the possibility, but the characters that are questionable you can't tell if they are make or female. So for all we know, they are straight.
2 years ago·Reply
that even more scarier...
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@JoseYzaguirre lol. I will admit, it's weird, violent, dark, and slightly disturbing, but compared to many dark animes, it's mild
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