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This article is primarily for men, but feel free to read along too ladies. Take a look at the mans posture above the waste. What significant signs do you notice? There are many things you might find about him that can be considered appealing. He looks competent, capable, and attractive. When looking at this image, I notice his shoulders are rolled back and relaxed. This shows off his chest and torso without him having to shove it in our faces. If you also notice his neck, it is also exposed. I.e. Not covered by a downward facing chin. This is a strong upper body and should be mimicked if you expect to be effective in courtship. Disregard his posture below the belt, I'll get to that next.
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oh man I can't tell you how many times I've seen guys with their shoulders hunched either up or forward. it looks a little awkward or like they are nervous!!