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Say goodbye to Siri and Snapchat.

As a technology crazed society, it takes a lot for us to put down our phone to take a shower. What would you do if you were locked in solitary confinement for 24 hours with absolutely nothing to keep you entertained or occupied?
Would you talk to yourself? Would you pray? Cry? Sleep?
Keep scrolling to see how these people made ends meet for one full day locked behind bars in solitary confinement with absolutely no means of communication or life as they know it.

How would you spend your 24 hours behind bars?

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Always! Lol @2Distracted
@jordanhamilton This might seem a little odd, but I think this should have a trigger warning. If someone has ever been in solitary confinement or experienced extreme, forced isolation, this can be an unexpected emotional shock. I just thought you should know.
I posted it in hopes of enlightening and informing not scaring people. I feel like the title is somewhat the warning since the word is in there. But understood @BeannachtOraibh
@jordanhamilton People don't always associate "solitary confinement" with experiences they've had, that may actually emulate what is done in prisons. I'm sorry if you thought I was criticizing you, I was just trying to bring it to your attention that it can catch someone by surprise if they don't make those associations beforehand and potentially trigger an anxiety attack.
No, I appreciate you for opening my eyes and informing me so that I will know when instances like this take place in the future. I appreciate it. Didn't think you were criticizing me at all @BeannachtOraibh