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Say goodbye to Siri and Snapchat.

As a technology crazed society, it takes a lot for us to put down our phone to take a shower. What would you do if you were locked in solitary confinement for 24 hours with absolutely nothing to keep you entertained or occupied?
Would you talk to yourself? Would you pray? Cry? Sleep?
Keep scrolling to see how these people made ends meet for one full day locked behind bars in solitary confinement with absolutely no means of communication or life as they know it.

How would you spend your 24 hours behind bars?

I think that my mind would think. I would write or draw or sketch. I'd sleep. Probably do some push ups.
Anonym would be bliss
I think I can survive that. lol.. yeah.. no phone,tv.. only paper and pensil..low light..can't go out for 24 hours.. no talking to anyone more than 24 hours(yes I use to do that)... maybe singing a little song that I love to sing
I didn't even watch the video. I couldn't do this. I would lose my mind. I'm claustrophobic.
i would just talk to myself and then day dream fall asleep and regular dream @InPlainSight
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