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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 45/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
The room fell into a tense silence. Although Jungkook had haughtily confessed that he was Captain Jeon’s hidden younger brother, the moment the words had left his mouth he was regretting it. Something about the way the officer’s expression had shifted put Jungkook on edge. He was used to being scowled, glared and glowered at by the police, but the captain’s sour expression had immediately melted away as he really studied Jungkook.
He looked concerned.
And Jungkook didn’t want that.
He definitely had the Jeon jawline, the Captain noted as he watched Jungkook jut his out in defiance at the intense stare. Captain Jeon recognized himself in the other man; Jungkook looked just like him before he had joined the academy. Wild and reckless, the captain would praise the academy for straightening him out and guiding him any day.
And that was what Jungkook needed.
Dark brows furrowed, Jungkook glance at the doorway. He didn’t come here to have some family reunion. He came here to get access to you again. Behind his desk, the mayor silently watched his oldest son react to his younger brother and it made his heart flutter. If he ignored all the obvious things, the two of them looked like normal siblings; the older quietly watching the younger sulk.
Suddenly, Captain’s Jeon’s gaze hardened and shifted back to him. The mayor brushed aside his oldest son’s piercing gaze. His oldest son’s concern was gone for the moment and replaced with anger for his father. It was then that the mayor remembered why he wanted to wait to tell him about Jungkook.
There would be too many pressing questions.
His oldest would have questions. His wife would have questions. Distant relatives, his grandchildren, the people of the city and especially the press would have questions. Then they’d all find out about Jungkook’s involvement in the mafia and the heists and murders he was responsible for. And then they’d know how Mayor Jeon manipulated the system to keep Jungkook from jail.
It wouldn’t end with him either. It was going to trickle down into his oldest son’s life and career. It was going to affect his two grandsons. All his sponsors and supporters were going to get dragged into it and everything good thing Mayor Jeon had done was going to be worth shit.
Mayor Jeon knew his reputation would be ruined. It was just a matter of time now. The only person he could blame was Jungkook himself.
So that’s what he was going to do.
He slammed his fist on his desk, effectively surprising both men. Jungkook’s head snapped back to him, a brow raised. Violently waving Jungkook off towards the door, his father angrily murmured, “I was going to tell him in my own time. Thank you for screwing that up. Go. You want your girlfriend so bad, go discharge her from the hospital, I’ll let the staff know. We’ll see how well she does under your care.” His glare wavered at the look of relief that passed over Jungkook’s face as he all but tripped over his own feet as he rushed to the door.
All this, everything Jungkook had just screwed up was all because he wanted to be with a girl. He was about to single handedly ruin the city’s trust in its authorities and mayor for a single woman.
For you.
Captain Jeon shook his head in disbelief as Jungkook left the office. He knew his father was a bit secretive, but he never would have guessed that he had been keeping another son a secret from him. “Your son.” The officer growled,”You have another son? Were you ever planning on telling us? He has our last name and you’re constantly vouching for him! Did you really think he’d stay a secret for long?! Who is his mother? Where is she? That man is in the mafia, how the fuck did that happened if you’re so up his ass? Does mom know?”
Sinking into his seat, the mayor rubbed his temples,”He’s your brother and he’s here now. Just..just focus on that for now.” The older man stared down at his hands, “He’s your little brother and he’s never had a real family other than this girl he’s so attached to.” The mayor secretly applauded that way his oldest son’s brows furrowed. If there was anything his son couldn’t ignore it was someone who needed help.
Especially if that someone was family.
The captain rubbed his hands over his face roughly, a heavy sigh passing through his lips. There was too much running through his mind; concern for this man who was his family but was basically ignored, anger towards his father for keeping him a secret, mild relief that the fact that Jungkook was his father’s son was the reason why his father looked out for him. Tapping a knuckle against his temple, Captain Jeon reminded himself of the most important thing at the moment.
The organization that Jungkook was a part of wasn’t able to manipulate him prison. He was free from their influence and all he seemingly wanted was his girlfriend. If there was any chance Captain Jeon had to protect his little brother from Namjoon and his group, it was now. Jungkook needed someone and their father had failed already.
So Captain Jeon was going to do it.
“How is he getting to the hospital?”
Blinking in surprise, the older man cleared his throat,“He’s been walking everywhere. The mafia’s organization vehicles were all taken in for evidence and I had refused to get him a rental. I had hoped he’d spend his time at home resting, but he hasn’t spent more than a few hours there.” Mayor Jeon rolled his eyes, “He’s just been running between the prison, the hospital and here. I don’t even think he’s eaten.” He shook his head, “I don’t know what’s going on in his head. It seems like his mind only revolves around that girl.
He’s..he’s odd-”
“That’s your fucking fault!” The captain spat, “I don’t know exactly what happened, but what’s clear is that you left him to that twisted Namjoon and his organization and they made Jungkook like that! You think if he had a stable family and a fucking dad that was there for him that he’d end up like that?!” His fists clenched tightly, and for a moment, the captain was prepared to throw something or knocking something over. His eyes passed over the overturned chair and scattered papers on the floor. Apparently, Jungkook had already done that. Captain Jeon cleared his throat, taking a moment to calm himself.
He was going to be the prime example of a good brother to Jungkook and he couldn’t do so if he was acting just like him when he was angered. Honestly, he thought his violent temper had been ironed out in the training academy, but thought to physically express his anger was so quick and so clear. He realized that you couldn’t really hide something like that, you had to redirect it. A dry laugh passed through his lips at the pathetic look his father sent him, “You know…as a teenager, I used to think you were the shittiest dad, but after the academy I tried to respect you. You’re my dad and you were actually there in your own way, so what did I have to complain about, you know?” He pointed behind himself to the doors Jungkook had ran through, “But him..Knowing what you did to him and how he ended up..? That could have been me.” The captain hissed, roughly jabbing his finger to his chest, “That could have been me. And seeing how you’re acting around him, you wouldn’t have given a damn if that was me as long as I stayed out of your hair.”
Unable to string together a coherent response or defense, the mayor simple shook his head. “I never wanted-”
“We’re going to talk about this later, but I’m going to make sure he and his girlfriend get home alright.”
It was all over the news.
Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon and their respective groups had been arrested. Apparently given an anonymous tip, the local police force had valiantly charged in and apprehended the groups. The city was saved. Horah, horah!
Jin narrowed his eyes at the television screen, thumb flattening over the rewind button. He didn’t care about how brave the local task force was. On the screen, several handcuffed mafia members awkwardly shuffled back as the feed was reversed. In the background, Jin’s eyes intently followed the green haired head of Yoongi, thrashing and seemingly screaming in his anger at the three officers that kept him moving. He was trying to turn around in their hold, dark eyes darting over their shoulders to warehouse no to far away from them.
Jin wished he could have been at the scene himself. The news feed didn’t bother to pan to where Yoongi was vainly trying to see and the anchorman’s voice overpowered Yoongi’s muffled screams. Still in reverse, Jin watched the feed right up until Yoongi and the officers disappeared into the warehouse doors. Pressing play, he rewatched them ermerge from the same doors, Yoongi thrashing just as violently as he was in reverse. Taking a deep breath, Jin tapped the mute button. He couldn’t hear Yoongi’s voice anyway, there was no point to keep the volume on. Eyes narrowing he focused on Yoongi’s mouth, trying to read his lips. The most clearly enunciated words from him were curses, but after a few minutes of rewinding and replaying it, Jin finally recognized the phrase Yoongi kept repeating between his violent threats.
‘Let me see her’
The television went dark, Jin tossing aside the remote as he struggled to stand up. Yoongi was calling for you, which meant that you were most likely still alive. Reaching over for the crutches Jin had managed to convince a neighbor boy to pick up for him, he started towards the door. He just needed to get into contact with Yoongi and make a plan.
“Is there anything you want?” He whispered delicately. Jungkook gently cradled you against his chest, pulling your body into his lap. He sighed heavily, resting his head against yours as he soothingly ran his hands up and down your arms.
Just like his father had promised, no one at the hospital had given him a problem when he showed up, asking for your discharge papers. Although, as he lead you from the hospital doors to a nearby bench to rest while he flagged a taxi, he was surprised to see Captain Jeon leaning by a cruiser along the curb. His surprise doubled when the man said that he was there to make sure Jungkook and you got home safe. Initially skeptical, Jungkook, still slightly hunched over you and holding your hand tightly, only stared at the officer and his car. Captain Jeon sighed, silently opening the back door to his car before heading over to grab your other hand and help you up. He was a bit surprised to see you, the girl from the warehouse.
The one screaming for Yoongi.
Jungkook stiffened, lightly pulling you towards himself as he glared at Captain’s Jeon’s fingers wrapped around your wrist. You looked between them both, confused as to why they were so doting. You were depressed, not invalid and although a heavy weight pressed down on you whenever you tried to move, you were still able to do so if you needed to. Perfectly able to walk on your own, you only left Jungkook coddle you because he had insisted. Now, Captain Jeon was in on it, delicately holding you as if you were sickly. The other man chuckled, softly patting Jeon’s broad shoulder and surprising the man once more. “You can relax, Jungkook. I’m here to help you.”
He softly replied as if it was the simplest thing. “Because you’re my little brother.”
Jungkook didn’t believe him. Just an hour ago, the captain was cursing at him and threatening him. Now, he knows they’re related and all of a sudden Jungkook’s his precious baby brother who needs help? “Get off her.”
Captain Jeon blanched,”Wha-?”
“I said get off her.” He repeated sternly, “I don’t need you or your damn brother complex.”
“It’s not a complex.” Captain Jeon argued softly, “You’re my family. You’re my fucking little brother and I had no idea this whole time. Is it wrong that I want to get to know you and be there for you?” Unexpectedly, Jungkook let go of your hand in favor of stepping up to his brother. Jungkook was just as tall as him and although he was leaner, he looked just as strong. Captain Jeon straightened his back, mentally reminding himself that Jungkook probably didn’t know the difference when someone was genuinely trying to be kind to him from when they were trying to get an edge on him. “Jungkook.” He whispered, “I admit, I want to talk to you about your…life, but for now, I swear I just want to make sure you two get home safe.”
Jungkook angled his head, eyes narrowing, “So I tell you and then what? What do you gain?”
“I just want to know what my brothe-”
“There goes that damn word again. You’re pretty loose with it, aren’t you?” He hissed, prodding his finger on Captain Jeon’s glistening badge,”My brother’s name is Taehyung and you’re not fucking him.” You reached out, grabbing at Jungkook’s shirt hem to get him to stop, but he ignored you. Tugging harder, you stood up, pressing your way between the too, Instinctively, Jungkook wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you against him as he glared at the captain. “Whatever the hell I tell you about what I went through in the mafia is just going to go through one ear and out the other. All you’re going to bitch about is how it’s their fault and I was helpless to do anything.”
“That’s the truth!” He snapped,”You were probably just a kid and they molded you into this. It’s not your fault Jungkook, I understand that. I know you probably didn’t wan-”
“Complex.” Jungkook bit in. “Fucking stuck up piece of-”
You pressed against his chest, urging him to take a step back. “Jungkook.” You pleaded softly. He glanced down at you, still angry. “Just let him do this one thing.” He frowned, unhappy with the idea. He had done perfectly fine on his own. He didn’t need someone else’s pity. “Please, Jeon. You can trust him.”
“How do you know?”
“In the warehouse. He was the one who helped me. He stayed with me until the EMT’s arrived. He could have left to help his other officers, but he stayed and he calmed me down.” You explained softly.
Jungkook smoothed down your hair, face relaxing. The time after the police had arrived was the scariest in his life. Everyone was shouting and gunfire rang out everywhere. Jungkook had stumbled through smoke and narrowly avoided gunfire, desperate to find you. He afraid that someone else would get to you first, but before he could get to you safely, he was apprehended.
He spent a few hours in prison, pacing his cell, hands shaking as he chanted to himself that you were alright. You were somehow alright and he was going to find you soon.
Even after his father had gotten him out, there was a huge gap in time where no one knew where you were. Not listed in the Women’s Prison roster and not even listened in the arrest records, Jungkook immediately sought out Yoongi. He seemed to be the only other person who kept as close tabs on you as Jungkook himself did.
Yoongi had been just as rattled as Jungkook when he revealed that he had no idea where you were at. The green haired man blinked, eyes narrowing in accusation.
Surprisingly, he raised his voice at the guard standing by, demanding to talk to some higher up. And even more surprising, the guards hadn’t hesitated to follow his orders.
It seemed that a boss’ influence spread out even outside his organization.
When the higher up had arrived, he had tried to give an air of superiority, but the moment Yoongi opened his mouth all that was wipe away. Cuffed to a table and dressed in a plain jumper, Yoongi still managed to look intimidating. It was only with Yoongi’s power that Jungkook was able to track down where you were at; unidentified at a local hospital. Once that information was given out, Yoongi had silently stared at Jungkook.
He didn’t say anything as Jungkook left and the next time they saw each other was when Jungkook had burst in after he found out about the baby.
“Jungkook?” You called gently. “Are you alright?”
He nodded, rubbing at his tired eyes, “Okay. We’ll go with him.” He relented, guiding you to the cruiser. Captain Jeon blinked in surprise, his curious stare lingering on you, safely wrapped in Jungkook’s arms. He didn’t dwell on you too much. Jungkook had finally caved and was giving him a chance. He needed to make the most of it. Maybe stopping for something to eat would be a good way to break the ice, or getting some groceries..? He wasn’t sure if Jungkook had anything at home already. His father said he rarely spent time there, so probably not.
“Hey.” Jungkook piped up already seated beside you in the car, “You’re taking us home. No tourist bullshit. I already know where everything in the city is at.”
Captain Jeon blushed, apparently caught red handed. He jogged around the car to the driver’s side, sliding in and taking down the divider between the front and back seats. Glancing at the empty passenger seat, he peeked at Jungkook through the rearview mirror, “Do you..do you want to sit up front?”
“No.” He deadpanned. Jungkook watched in annoyance as the captain’s gaze slid to you. “She’s not sitting up there either.” Captain Jeon tapped at the steering, asking if there was anywhere Jungkook wanted to stop. To both his surprise and yours, Jungkook muttered,”Since you’re so insistent on play chauffeur; the prison. I want to see how my actual brother is doing.”
Put off by the blatant jab, Captain Jeon shook it off, quietly murmuring, “Of course.”

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