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Are there any grooms in the Weddings Community on Vingle? It's cool! You can let your presence be known! :)
When it comes to the wedding day gift (from the groom to the bride), I think it's essential that it be something that can be used immediately. Flowers are nice, but who has a vase, and where's it going to go, and who's going to monitor it? Food? I think not!
Let's cut to the chase; the gift should be jewels. Not a ring. Because you don't want to compete with the wedding band or the engagement ring, obviously. A necklace. Some earrings. Bracelet, perhaps. Then there's this stunning EMERALD BROOCH!


Unearthed in Muzo-- a town and municipality in Boyacá Department, Colombia, part of the subregion of the Western Boyacá Province--the 3.49 carat no-oil emerald was fashioned at the center of this remarkable one-of-a-kind brooch, that features a collage of princess and emerald cut diamonds by New York jewelry designer and artist, Chaoqiu He Qiu.
Is there anything more stunning and romantic than receiving this kind of gift--than on your wedding day--just before you tie the knot?! Pour me a glass of wine--this is better than a slice of pizza on Valentine's Day!
Oooooo LA la
Wow! I never thought I would see the day lol
I would give up pizza for this stunning piece!
I might have to take the slice of pizza still, but I will say that this is rather beautiful.
Lololol I don't need the calories. I need the carats