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My Ultimate Bias KEY, there are so many good things about him it's not funny and I have made quite a few cards on the man. He makes me smile, he's my first true bias, I didn't have one when I first got into Kpop because I was so overwhelmed with handsome Asian men that how could I pick one that I liked a lot. And some how Key grabbed my heart and still has it to this day.
Bias wrecker is V from BTS, it was when I was just trolling along youtube and I find this video and I love clowns and I love the joker so of course I clicked on it and fell for the Joker. This is why I say V introduced me to BTS because since then I've been a fan of them. I love them as much as I love my other groups.
Bias creeper seriously J-Hope just came at me out of no where like "HEY HI I'm your hope" and "BAM" I was like "um, hel-hel-hello"
Bias murderer, is Key because no matter how much I find another Asian male hot, sexy, funny. I don't know why or exactly what it is the most about him but he truly kills me (maybe it's because he's my first real bias)
Sneaky bias Jimin, lately Jimin has been sneaking behind J-Hope and saying "HEY look at me, I can be cute and very sexy too" "you know you like it" He looks like he could be a very very naughty boy.. He has those damn sex eyes that yeah ugh he's sneaky like a cat
Secret Bias, I first saw L from Infinite when I watched Shut up Flower Boy Band, he really is beautiful and I love his voice.
Best Body, Jonghyun is just mouth watering sexy. Not only is his voice like velvet and very sensual his body matches and wow yeah
Best tattoo, tattoo's tell a story well at least that's what I think, and I like the stories behind Jaejoong's tattoo's. Plus he's sexy with tattoos
Best abs actually he is not only best abs, and Jonghyun is not just best body, both of them have super sexy bodies, Jonghyun is more of a skinny muscle where Jimin is more of a stocky muscle and Jimin has a great ass...
Holy hell I survived that damn I need a cold shower...this was super hard and it changes so much with me but this is the most current the only thing that doesn't change is my love for Key...oh god I need help..
All the points for including shirtless Jaejoong 😍
@BBxGD thank you and @Jiyongixoxo for this game it's fun
wow wow wow!!!!!! beautiful Thank you for playing and glad your alive. me and @Jiyongixoxo are the creaters of this game 💖
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@merryjayne13 I'm glad 😎😎😎
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