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The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and progenitor of all other vampires. He was one of the Alpha monsters captured and interrogated by Crowley and Castiel in their efforts to locate Purgatory. He escaped Crowley's prison and set up a new nest in North Dakota, and then Montana. He was later tracked down for his blood for the weapon to defeat the Leviathans. Ultimately recognizing a common enemy, he gave the Winchesters what they asked for without a fight.
The Alpha Vampire mother is Eve. While humans were first created. The Alpha Vampire and his underlings were the their that bumped in the night. He created an entire race of Vampires across the world that soon populated into a new civilization. He kept close tabs on his "children" while continuing to populate the world with Vampires for many years. The current stats on this mighty Vamp is he is still alive!
He's a lot of fun to watch :D
He shows up in season 6
ok...don't think I've reached that far