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I've read news articles saying Jonghyun will be back on 25 May for a fan event. But guess what? He will be back even before that! SM has released statement that SHINee will perform as five for tomorrow's Mnet Countdown stage. It will be the first 'Why So Serious' stage that has all the members, and also Jonghyun's first public appearance after his car accident in April. Isn't this good news? I can't wait to see the stage!! I'm curious as to which part Jonghyun will take over as we have no clue. He didn't even star in the MV. Sad news though, SHINee is wrapping up their album promotion this week and flying to Japan for their Arena Tour beginning of June. I'm just screaming noooo here because I definitely haven't gotten enough of them yet. :( Source: nate, twitter@eimanjjong
YAY!!!!! FInally <333
Yay! Finally!
yay!!! @dreamgirl thank you for the updates, goh, finally he comes back. Been waiting for that guy, lol