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GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP. I haven't been able to watch any anime since school started. Being a college and highschool student at the same time is more time consuming than I thought. I've been too busy to catch up on stuff. I need the best anime you guys recommend, searching myself is too time consuming right now. I thought I could ask my fellow anime lovers for the best they have! SO GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT.
It sucks that I haven't been watching anime lately. Take pity on me and help me out?
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Noragami.,. It's the best and you have to watch it!!!
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Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Parasyte, Boku no Pico, Parasyte the maxim, high school dxd / of the dead, is this a zombie? ouran high school host club, horimiya (anime is CRAP, manga is better), lovely complex, brave beat for a fresh music kinda feel, Noragami, that's all that I can name off the top of my head, can't remember the Japanese names for crap XD, sorry, hope this helps
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@OscarFlores you suggested Boku no Pico??? why?? XD
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well to him everybody love 12 year old boys having sex that sound like girls is the best anime there is.... @JoJoTaylor @OscarFlores
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@JoseYzaguirre .... I truly regret having watched and I barely watched just one episode of it... I don't even know why they made it
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