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GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP. I haven't been able to watch any anime since school started. Being a college and highschool student at the same time is more time consuming than I thought. I've been too busy to catch up on stuff. I need the best anime you guys recommend, searching myself is too time consuming right now. I thought I could ask my fellow anime lovers for the best they have! SO GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT.
It sucks that I haven't been watching anime lately. Take pity on me and help me out?
ohh and uhh ...animes!.... to love ru darkness, shiki, elfen lied, hellsing, noragami, durarara, katanagatari , ore monogatari, tokyo ghoul, attack on titans, akame ga kill, kill la kill, deadmans wonderland, ghost in a shell, soul eater, boondocks, parasyte, date a live, kyoukai no katana, blue exocit (my bad) , highschool dxd, blood-c , trigun, cowboy bebop, Sword art online , d frag, assassination classroom, nichijou, trinity seven, punchline, angel beats , inuyasha, inu xx boku, fairytail, pycho-pass, corpes party, bleach, dragonball z , naruto, mirai nikki, deathnote, ...............shit ......i forgot the other ones too......
@JoseYzaguirre You are awesome. Thank you so much!!! I will definitely have lots to watch. And your right ill keep up the good work (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Death billards (movie) Children who chased the lost voices (movie) Ponyo (movie) Garden of words (movie) Afro samurai Fairy tale Kill la kill Sword of a stranger Durarara!! Tokyo ghoul Noragami Inuyasha Gintama Date a live (0/2) Seitokia yakuindomo Good luck girl Jitsu watashi wa Cowboy bebop Zankyou no terror Ghost in a shell Black lagoon Soul eater Myriad colors phantom world Saint young men Nichijou Is this a zombie Punchline Lucky star Noucome Inu x boku ss School days Blood lad Highschooldxd Cat planet cuties Mirai nikki Gokokoku no brynhildr nourin Dagashi kashi Domino shinekai yori Monogatari Haganai Sekirei Konosuba Assination classroom Engage to the unidentified GATE Plastic nee-san Anohana Magi Ano natsu de matteru Perfect blue Golden boy Aika r-16 Nge eoe Pycho pass Erika seven: Pocketful of rainbow Trinity seven Sabagebu Ore monogatari Erased D frag Dimension w Kyoukai no katana Kokoro connect Gunbusters Yozakura quartets K project Corpes party Parasyte Another Michiko e hatchin Blood-c Samurai champloo To love ru darkness (2/2) Dragon ball Z Naruto One piece Boondocks Gunsmithcats Elfen lied Attack on titan Strike the blood One punch man Hellsing 1/2 (2/2) Spirited away (movie) Vividred operation Wicked city (movie) Angel beats Akame ga kill Bludgeling angel dokoro chan Deathnote Deadman's wonderland Shiki Kantanagatari
@JoJoTaylor gotta keep up that good work ight or how will you live without your anime?? haha ...think about it... that work will pay off soon, ight keep doing what you doing (^-^)
ok so I'll mention a few that aren't super mainstream. Yona of the dawn, Parasyte the maxim, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Maoyu, Problem Children are coming from another world, aren't they?, My teen romantic comedy, shirobako, school live, mushibugyo, Sunday without god, Spice and wolf, legend of legendary heroes, sacred blacksmith, the devil is a part timer, my little monster, the pet girl of sakurasou, and for some of the newer ones with episodes still coming out I would suggest erased, and myriad colors Phantom world.
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