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Lol, you know how it goes, comics from years ago have use different words as slang. Today we would blink a thousand times if someone said "soild dick" but a couple of decades ago it was a totally normal thing to say in conversation! Lets take a look at some comics and put our minds in the gutter! Lmao just this time and laugh!

Expand... What?!

Lol show your stuff! Not!! XD

Lmao... No I totally can't do that

What a hang over! Btw Wonder Woman you do fly but their is no flying while drunk.

Yes! Blow up dolls and all.. This is beyond creepy

Superman, you are something else XD

You know I can not keep my husband Deadpool out of this!

To be continued!

Ms Wade Wilson Head Merc with a Mouth

Marvelous Marvel and my MERCS WITH MOUTHS

My Cunning Mercs with mouths

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😂😂😂😂 love it
@LAVONYORK you know me so well😆😆😆
the Magic Mike of the Weapon X program XD XD XD
This is hilarious 😁😁
wonder woman was a freaky comic back in the day