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As promised, Soo Hyun and his co-stars Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo dropped by Seoul Women's University to promote for their upcoming movie 'Be Covert, Be Great'! Both the boys and female students must have been extremely happy on the day. The boys, because Be Great, Be Cover stars no female cast (Soo Hyun even complained once that he felt lonely without girls on the filming site lol). The students, because come on, who wouldn't want to see Soo Hyun's bright smile and his handsome co-stars?! They also gave out hugs during the visit! Oh boy, I'm getting jealous here.. hah! The movie will premier on June 5th. (If you haven't already, make sure you check out the plot here I'm sure it's gonna be great movie!)
i like it
ksh is wearing green again. So happy !!! : )))