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thank you @BBxGD and @Jiyongixoxo for creating this Game, I had a lot of fun. and also thank you to @Sammie99522 for Tagging me.
1. Ultimate Bias. you all know the answer to this one, and that's my Ravioli! he's so cute! and I love him so Much!
2. Bias wrecker. my Ultimate Bias wrecker, (A.k.a) VERY CLOSE SECOND PLACE! is Mr. Bang Yongguk! OMO! sometimes I can't Handle his Cuteness, with his Gummy smile, and he carries around a stuffed "Tigger" for Goodness Sake! how can he get any Cuter?
3. Bias Creeper. this Lovable, Crazy Nutcase Zico. I just recently added him to my bias list and now he is on my Top 5.
4. Bias Murderer. RAVI! I think about his sweet face all the time.
5. Sneaky Bias. YONGGUK! ya Na' mean? look at him in the first gif compared to the second one. in the first gif he looks like he wants to kill me, but in reality he's just a sweetheart!
6. secret Bias. I don't really keep any of my biases secret. But here's a secret, NamJoon is moving pretty high in my list.
7. Best Body bias. TOP. he doesn't need to go without a shirt for people to see that he's got a good body.
8. best Tattoo Bias. G-Dragon. I had to include him in this, he's one of my Top biases. but I will say he has the best tattoos.
9. Best abs Bias. it was hard to choose between, Yongguk and Ravi on this one, but considering that I felt like I needed a life alert when I saw this for the first time, I'll have to go with Ravi.
★Moderation Team Members ONLY★ @Kwonofakind @JiyongLeo @lovetop @catchyacrayon @Helixx
Aw!!! RAVI... know him from the rabbit hole that @jiyongleo dig me into...nice nice
Life alert 😂😂 omg that's the best
@SarangRavi 😎😎😎😎💖💖💖
Wow wow wow!!!!!! Look at all these bias. Thank you for playing
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