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ok guys i am soo sorry about not making it but ive been sick and ive had problems with school and sutdies and i have soccer practice but right now im free even though i have homework but that can wait once again im really sorry but tomorrow my birthday! (february 19 )
You were in the living room just watching tv eating ice cream when you hear your phone ring . you were looking for it but you couldnt find it then you heard it was coming from upstairs. you went to go get it and see it was your oppa jungkookie "hello?" "hey (y/n) , i was womdering if you wanted to go to the movies tonight" "umm yeah sure what time" "ill pick you up just call me when your ready" "okay well see you later oppa" "bye cutie" he said as you started to blush and let out a giggle. you said bye then hung up you went up stairs to your room to see what you should wear. you just picked out a Sundress and some flats . so you started to put your make up on and fix your hair. after that you check yourself on your body mirror to see if you looked okay you were ready and called oppa "hello" " oppa im ready " "okay im on my way and i have something important to ask you " "ok " you said with curiosity "well im on my way just stay pretty for me okay?" "ok oppa and you stay handsome for me too " "okay bye " he said as he laughed "bye" you went back to the living room and switched the tv off. you went to the kitchen to get an apple and just sat down in the table on just played songs on your phone while you waited for him *knock knock* you heard someone knock and you turned the music off and ran to the door you stopped to look at yourself in the mirror then opened the door to see him standing there "hey oppa i missed you " "hey shortie i missed you too and you look cute " you grabbed your purse and went out the door you guys started walking and were two blocks away from the movie theater. you were walking but then you felt something grab you and pull you back. you looked to see who it was and it was kookie "whats wrong?" you asked him with a curious face "i kind of needed to ask you something..." "yeah? what is it that you need to ask me?" " i... um.. i-i..um...l-l-like... nevermind (BTS!!!) ill just tell you later " he said as he continied to walk. he was way in front of you so you ran to him and almost fell so you accidentally back hugged him "(y/n) a-are you okay? " "yeah i just tripped im sorry " "its okay " he said as he pinched your cheecks you got to them movie theater and decided to watch a scary movie. you went to buy popcorn and drinks for you and oppa. "(y/n) lets go...common " you ran to him and walked in the theater and sat in the back you got there just in time when the movies about to start you put your hand in the popcorn while you watched the movie you kept on watching the movie then looked at kookie and smiled and returned to looking at the movie. you were watching the movie happily until a creepy sound started to play in the back round and you froze completely your hand was left in the popcorn your mouth was open and your eyes wouldnt be taken off of the screen *sreaming * the girl in the movie screamed wich startled you then kookie looked at you covering your face like at little kid when your scared of some thing you kept your hands on your face until you felt another hand on your face you looked to see whos hand was it and it was kookies "its okay im here (y/n)" he put his arm around you and you blushed and let out a giggle so you kept on watching the movie then some other creepy parts came out and you got scared and kept on hugging kookie when you got scared. the movie finished and you walked out to throw the drinks and popcorn away it was already 11:00 p.m. and decided to go home already you walked home and already saw that your house was near by "my house is down the street oppa" "ok but i still want to ask you something" "mhmm what is it?" "i like you (y/n) " " i like you too kookie now what did you want to ask me? " he got on one knee and held your hand " (y/n) i like you and i would really want to become more than friends so, would you be my girlfriend?" "yes kookie yes i would love to be your girlfriend " he stood up then you hugged him "i kind of have to go because i have work tomorrow sorry oppa but i have work tomorrow early in the morning " "i-its okay just call me when your out of work okay? " "k bye kookie i love you " " i love you too and see you later shortie " you watched him walk away and smiled while you entered your house. you set your bag down and just walked to your room with a good feeling . you just dropped yourself on your bed and heard a ding from your phine and sawnit was a messege from kookie "heey shortie " "heey kookie" "ill see you tomorrow and ill see you in my dreams so dream about me " "i will oppa " "okay well bye shortie good nught and have a good day at work " "okay good night oppa " "i love you" he said "i love you too"
Wait wait when is your birthday? Mine is today!!! I was going to make a card about but I'm too lazy...if it's today we can be birthday buddies πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ OMG the story is so cute!!! I'm in such a good mood today😁😁😁
yess and whats your kik snapchat and insta? @VIPFreak2NE1
@kcastaneda170 I have everything so I can stalk my oppasπŸ˜‚
yes its today @VIPFreak2NE1 and yess me too! do you have kik or snapchat or instagram?