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“I wish. I wish more than anything. But I can’t imagine you with all your complexity, all you perfection, all your imperfection. Look at you. You are just a shade of my real wife. You’re the best I can do; but I’m sorry, you are just not good enough.” -Dominic Cobb
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@YinofYang why don't I get some of my notifications????? anyway, me neither!! That's the beauty of Nolan's works! it keeps u on your toes! I can't say I got it fully wither lol
@JeongImjang are you also a Christopher Nolan fan? :D
@shoenami Yes, I'm still not sure who killed his wife. I think maybe I should go watch it again.
@YinofYang maybe he did it himself? with Christopher Nolan, it's a possibility!
@shoenami That is definitely a good possibility.