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HEY EVERYONE!!! **** The last day of Anime crushes is upon us. I know its sadenning but just like our favorite animes it must come to an end. So, since this will be the last day of anime crushes I figured it should be epic!!! For this last one, I would like everyone to request their own anime crushes and the one with the most replies or likes in the comments will be featured. This does not exclude girl characters since there will be a girl and a guy featured on the last anime crushes. You will have until the end of February so the 29th to request a guy and a girl anime character. Sooo get to it! Remember to enjoy the adorableness!!!
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Morgiana from magi
2 years ago·Reply
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Esdeath, Akame Ga Kill
2 years ago·Reply
Revy from black lagoon
2 years ago·Reply
Sebastian Michaelis(Black Butler) I choose you!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply