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Hiya Nakama! I just wanted to share my love and appreciation for these two Numskulls!!! They always are so outgoing and intense and have the uncanny ability to bring energy to the team and the ability to keep their enemies on their toes!

We all have those friends who are very protective of those they care about!

The perfect caption for this gif is..

When someone even dares to look at your crush!

Sometimes there are friends who have so much energy and excitement! (hehe that's me sometimes when I am with my friends X3 )

Intmidation is a skill and that look could make a little kid cry. I got a friend who can be very intimidating like Tanaka!

And when the whole quad gives a friend's ex the look!

And these friends are just so much fun to be around!!! And I dont know how to live without em! (X

Thanks for reading guys! To my fellow sports anime lovers, like if you love these two or comment below your other fave comedic sports anime characters X)

Wanna go Schitty Boy?
They look like thugs in the pic of the guys talking about how their team isn't as good as it was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ With that said I'd be giving them the exact same look with the squad lol
Those kinds of friends are appreciated
you need these kinds of friends in your squad.