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Jean Grey is coming back???? Following the events of "X-Men: The Last Stand," which saw Hugh Jackman's Logan killing his love after she transformed into the destructive Phoenix, "The Wolverine" sets the sharp-clawed mutant on a mission to Japan. The trip is no vacation though. There he faces the snake-like Viper and a behemoth known as Silver Samurai. He's also offered the thing he wants most: His mortality.
@shoenami ROFL! I agree!!!
@YinofYang if only that were so easy for the rest of us.. lol
@shoenami No kidding! It's amazing how much they sacrifice in order to achieve the best results.
@YinofYang yes! I was kind of scared for him! Christian Bale is awesome! it's like he can control his body weight at will.. and oh! Matthew McConaughey as well!
@shoenami Yes, he does. It's always amazing the actors who are so into their craft, that they do everything that's needed. Remember when Christian Bale lost allllll that weight for Mechanic?
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