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When you think things are a good idea and they are not edition!
Good Idea, getting your mattress delivered.

Bad idea...

Good Idea... Cooking food and you actually know what you are doing in the kitchen..

Bad idea.....

Good idea... Ice skating with your love ones or friends at the right pace.

Bad Idea....

Good idea.. Parking like a BOSS!

Bad idea...

To be continued! If you like to be tagged In my Wait what cards drop a line in the comments! Until next time... Stop those Wtf moments and tag me!

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@EasternShell you see that all the time here lol
The Mattress one is super common with is bad! I was driving on the highway with someone doing that. You know I switched lanes quick!
@LAVONYORK I guess we do what we gotta for a good night's sleep. delivery $$$$ is high:)
LMAO I LOVED THIS. That was actually my favorite segment in Animaniacs. The writing was so smart.
Wow. There are so many I don't even know where to start!