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Well Part 2 starts now. Enjoy!! Original game by @jessicaacosta90
1. I don't know after last night I don't eating with you guys will end well. plus you know that whole diet thing. 2. Yay waffles and bacon. I love bacon. Bacon makes the world turn. 3. Thank you. That was kind of you. I hope it's good.
4. Want a bib? I can tuck a napkin into your shirt? 5. Hey! Hey! *snapping fingers* Wake the hell up!!! 6. I'm grown don't tell me what to do. Wait you want me to ignore you? weirdo.
7. You just keep coming in to save the day. 8. You just wanna know if I'm going to like that bento box. 9. DUDE SERIOUSLY? we're done here.
10. You just tried to kill me with food. Take like 10 steps back. 11. Wait? we did you come from and why my house. shouldn't you be settling into YOUR space? 12. Oh so you're up now and you DON'T want me to ignore you.
13. I'm pretty good at cards. 14. Sorry but I warned you 15. You cheated.
16. I have to what?! Wait what happened to my house my rules? 17. I thought you wanted me to ignore you? Why are you all up in my business? 18. Not so tough huh? See you needy to be minding your own scary business.
19. Go sit down somewhere!!! like your place. 20. Oh so that's why you suggested coming to my house. Perv. 21. Oh I got your gotcha. Two words STUN GUN
22. I'm really gonna have to pee later. 23. Aww those two words scared you huh? 24. Sounds like a plan. what shall we play?
25. Excuse me little boy are you lost? Would you like for me to call your parents? ThunderBuddies: @JaiiPanda @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @DianaBelle
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'Oh I got your gotcha. Two words STUN GUN' cracked me up 😂