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KYAAAA so I've been tagged by multiple people, so thank you vingle/yakpak fam And..... let's get to it!!!
@AimeeH started this challenge where you list 15 biases, or people you particularly have taken a shining to, in any particular order. Then, you answer a list of questions. To make this as random as possible I suggest you make your list before reading the questions!!! just thought I would include a little cute jimin gif of his classic fall Now to the list!!!!
1) Junhyung (BEAST) 2) Doojoon (BEAST) 3) Suga (BTS) 4) Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) 5) I.M. (MONSTA-X) 6) Shownu (MONSTA-X) 7) Kihyun (MONSTA-X) 8) Tao (former EXO-M member, soloist) 9) Suho (EXO-K) 10) Baekhyun (EXO-K) 11) Yoo Seung Woo (soloist) 12) Hyunsik (BTOB) 13) Daesung (Big Bang) 14) Sandeul (B1A4) 15) K.Will (soloist) This list was pretty easy for me to make actually. I mean I would love to add so many more people but I'm pretty happy with this!!
Q1) Between 4 & 14: Who would you be more apt to marrying? Seungkwan vs. Sandeul Well... WELL..... Seungkwan is only a year older than me whereas Sandeul is seven... But I think I'd be more apt to marry Sandel because although they have the cute accent and the slight diva complex, I feel like I'd be more comfortable around Sandeul. At times I feel like Seungkwan could be overwhelming. On a separate note, their actually really similar the have accents, they dealed with weight issues, they're main vocalists, both very quick to talk back... hmm ☆Q2) Between 1 & 5: Who would you sing/rap with? Junhyung vs I.M. Wow, both rappers. I would want to sing with Junhyung and rap with I.M. Singing with Junhyung like OMG have you heard him in One Day?!! His voice is just amazing. And I would be too embarassed to rap with him. I feel like rapping with I.M. would be an awesome way to get to hang out with him because he'd be the sassy person he is and make fun of my atrocious rap ☆Q3) Between 6 & 13: Which one would you introduce to your family? Shownu vs Daesung Introduce as in like.... friend or fiance?? It would probably be Shownu either way because he just looks and acts like a FRIKEN gentleman (if Joshua, Seventeen, was in this it'd be him). I love Daesung but, that age gap, I sigh. ☆Q4) Between 2 & 8: Who would be your best friend? Doojoon vs Tao It would be Doojoon. I feel as I Doojoon would be the friend who rallies everyone together and does things, and he'd be someone comfortable to joke around with. I feel like Tao is too similar to me in the fact that we're more reserved and quiet. ☆Q5) Between 3 & 15: Who Would you want to kiss more? Suga vs K.Will Suga. Cuz come on. I already know it'll be sweet. ☆Q6) Between 7 & 12: Who Would you rather nurse back to health. Kihyun vs Hyunsik Oh damn...... Well I already know Hyunsik has a sexy deep voice, so I think I would want to hear Kihyun's sick voice >~> but other than that... I wouldn't be able to choose. ☆Q7) Between 9 & 11: Who is the better singer/rapper? Suho vs Yoo Seung Woo Ouchies.... I was hoping it would be rapper vs singer so I wouldn't have to make a choice... I would have to choose Yoo Seung Woo mainly because he is a soloist so I get more exposure to his voice (and oh God is it sweet >~<) ☆Q8) Between 10 & 3: Who would get along with your friends more? Suga vs Baekhyun Umm? Probably Suga because I'm sarcastic as hell and I feel as if since my friends appreciate me Suga would be too? but Baekhyun is such a nice guy aw ☆Q9) Between 8 & 15: Who would you date? Tao vs K.Will No offense to either but I wouldn't really date either.... ☆Q10) Between 1 & 7: Who would you cook for? Junhyung vs Kihyun Junhyung. But I mean.... I can't cook so I'm not sure if this is a good thing. ☆Q11) Between 4 & 12: Who would make you laugh the most? Seungkwan vs Hyunsik Seungkwan. For goodness sake that is his "role" in the group. He's the "mood-maker" ☆Q12) Between 3 & 13: Who has the most contagious smile? Suga vs Daesung Daesung. Just look at him smile >~< But Suga has a really nice smile too ☆Q13) Between 5 & 10: Who would make the better father/mother? I.M. vs Baekhyun I actually... huh. I think they'd both be amazing on their own way? But I'd actually choose I.M. ☆Q14) Between 6 & 9: Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated island with? Shownu vs Suho Suho duh he's rich af I mean I don't know someone test their survival skills?!! But I guess if it's by fitness then Shownu